A Light in the Dark

A Light in the Dark

The sun hadn’t come up yet; darkness draped everything. I sat by the window waiting for my eyes to adjust to the blackness, wondering how far I could see:

fall photos from Allegheny Parkpast the trees blanketed in snow,
beyond the huddled bushes.

My eyes stopped at one of my gardens. Only the reaching branches of my lilac bush were visible above the snow. Then I saw a faint light. Or did I?

I stared hard. Yes, there was a light!

Then I realized that my solar garden light was still working. Buried in snow, it still worked! Not very bright, but it was still shining. I smiles and thought: a whisper. There are many ways that God whispers.

My glowing garden light reminded me that God fills our darkness with His light, a light that is inextinguishable. No matter how dark our life gets, He is there.

picts from the backyard after November Lake effect stormLife is full of dark moments: the test results are in and your doctor wants to see you, the principal called about your child—again, your mechanic can’t get the needed part for your car. Dark moments that send a chill down your spine and fill your stomach with fear.

These are the times when God comes with a flicker of hope and a glimmer of reassurance.

No matter what we go through, we can be certain that the Light that shines through eternity shines into our dark moments. “I am holding you by your right hand. Do not be afraid. I am here to help you.”

Yet, some may think, no way can God help me through my problems. They’re too big, or too deep, or too hopeless for God.

Remember who you’re talking about—the One who deals in BIG. Nothing is too big (too deep, too hopeless) for the One who created the universe. He is the One who strengthens the weak, gives sight to the blind, and gives hope when there is none.

Solar Eclipse at Sunset over Lake Erie

Take a chance, turn towards God’s light. Let it become more than a glimmer.

I put on my coat and boots and trudged through the dark and snow. I wanted to clean the snow off of my garden light. I wanted it to illuminate and radiate in the darkness.

I walked back towards the house.Dec. picts from Western NY

The stars were out … shining…



I thanked God for His whispers.

Do you have a whispered moment to share?