Beyond the Forest

We stood on the mountain top, catching our breath from the climb.

130815GraftonGap-116My eyes scanned all that was before me as I tried to take it in: such splendor, beauty, and peace. I watched the light play and dance over the mountain ridges as shadows snuck out of crevices. I could see beyond the neighboring mountain range and even beyond the next.

I watched clouds scrape across the mountain tops and I listened … nothing–no traffic, no voices, not even birds–only God’s stillness, his peace. I let it fill me, reassuring me.

130815GraftonGap-075I looked down, down at the trees and thought how life is sometimes like a dense forest where we can’t see past the next tree. Sometimes we need to move out of the forest, move above the trees for a different perspective. It’s more than “taking a step back,” for even when we take a step back, we’re still touched by our problem, hurt, or confusion.130815GraftonGap-165

Sitting on the mountain top gave me a different perspective, a tiny view of God’s love, his enormous love. All that lay before me was his, created and drenched in his love. You may not be able to find a mountain top, but you can find its creator.

For a moment, life your eyes from your circumstances and look to God, who in the stillness says, “Come, come all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens. Come, I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you. Come and let me fill you with my love, for my love knows no bounds.” (Matt. 11:28, Ps. 32:8, Hosea 14:4).Hike at Grafton Gap

Step out of your forest and come.