Gratitude Activities and Children’s Books

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Collage Placemats:
Create grateful placemats for your table.  Find and cut, write, or print out gratitude words (thank you, happy, safe, love, my puppy, smiles) and glue them onto 11”x 24” construction paper. Add photos, stickers, or drawings. Laminate or cover with Contac paper. Decorate your table with a touch of gratitude. Use your placemats regularly, not just at Thanksgiving.

Make a Thanksgiving Time Capsule:
Place in a sealable container items, words, or photos that reflect gratitude and thanksgiving for each member in your family. Include notes on events taking place on that day,  family milestones, heart desires, prayers, hopes and dreams. Seal the container and reopen on a designated date such as one year from today.

Grateful Walk:
Go for a neighborhood walk, taking time to notice things, people, and events that you are grateful for. Take a small notebook and make a list. Add to your list often. Share your feelings of gratitude with others. Encourage children to find things they are thankful for. Give your child his/her own notebook.

Secret Sticky Notes:
Give your child a stack of sticky notes. If your child is very young, include heart or smiley face stickers. Have your child decorate  sticky notes for a special person and then leave the notes where that person will find it (on a pillow, bathroom mirror, in a pocket, in a shoe). Older children can write a thank you note or note of appreciation (“You make my day”, “thanks for all you do,” “I love the dinner you made.” “Thanks for your smiles.” “Thanks for keeping me safe.”)The fun will not only be in hiding the note, but also in the kindness shared. You don’t have to sign the note. It will be fun for the recipient to guess who the notes are from. Leave one for a teacher, cafeteria helper, mail carrier, check-out grocery clerk—thank someone who is often overlooked and taken for granted. Make sure you have lots of sticky notes.


The Secret of Saying Thanks-Douglas Wood
Bear Says Thanks-Karma Wilson
Cat-Mike Dumbleton
Thankful-Eileen Spinelli
Thank You For Me-Marion Dane Bauer
Thanksgiving is For Giving Thanks-Margaret Sutherland
Tiny Blessings for Giving Thanks-Amy Parker
Just So Thankful-Mercer Mayer
Give Thanks for Each Day-Steve Metzger
Thank You and Good Night-Patrick McDonnell
Look and Be Grateful-Tomie DePaola
Thanksgiving Day Thanks-Laura Malone Elliott
The Giving Tree-Shel Silverstein
The Mouse in the Manger-Gentile
The Thank You Book-Mo Willems
An Awesome Book of Thanks-Dallas Clayton
I’m Thankful Each Day-P.K. Hallinan
The Thankful Book-Todd Parr
The Blessing Jar- A Story about Being Thankful- Colleen Coble
Thank You, God, for Everything-August Gold
Splat Says Thank You!-Rob Scotton