Let It Go

 La150424AliJak029st week, my husband and I attended our grandchildren’s end-of-the-school year talent show. All though I may be bias, I’m sure our granddaughter’s guitar solo was the best act. Other talents included jump roping, hula hooping, dancing, and singing.

The song, Let It Go, from the Disney movie, Frozen was sung. Even though the song has topped billboard charts, I had not heard it. I didn’t know the lyrics. A trio of six-graders sang the song and I recognized my anxiety level and discomfort increasing. The girls did a fine job and performing in front of others takes courage. It was not their performance, but the choice of songs that lead to my discomfort. The song lyrics were troubling. Not a song I would choose for my daughter or granddaughters to sing. Perhaps I didn’t hear correctly.

Later in the talent show, a third grader sang the same song. She did an excellent job, projecting passion and emotion. I listened intently. I had heard correctly!

Let it go, let it go

Run away and slam the door …

It’s time to see what I can do

To test the limits and break through

No right, no wrong, no rules for me, I’m free

Letting go is one of the lessons I’d like my grandchildren to learn, but letting go to trust God. Letting go is not turning your back on everything and everyone. It is not turning away and slamming the door. It is not relying only on you, believing there are no limits, no right, no wrong, no rules.  History has proven such actions only lead to chaos. Many believe this song is about empowering.

Letting go is all about trusting in God who takes your hand and says don’t be afraid. I’m going with you and I’ll never leave you. Yes, there are things that are hard, painful, and messy so I’ll show you the way. Stay with me, I’ll get you through it all. Trust me. That is empowering.

I listened to the song and wanted to scoop up my grandchildren and shelter them, not only from the song, but also from behaviors and beliefs being promoted. But scooping and sheltering weren’t the answer. The solution isn’t in hiding. It’s in giving, giving of yourself- your time, talents, and possessions to help others in loving ways.

I asked my granddaughter about the song and she said all the girls sing it … all the time and she couldn’t stand it.


We needed to watch the movie together and see the song in the context of the movie.

I was surprised and amazed. The song, Let It Go, in the context of the movie has a different message. The message of sacrificial love is in the movie.150424AliJak076

Life isn’t about letting go, turning away, slamming the door, but reaching out to others in love. Only by restraining her powers through love did Elsa find happiness and because of love, her sister, Anna refused to let Elsa go.

Sometimes we protect our children by sheltering them from the influences of the world and sometimes we need to use these influences as an opportunity to teach. Helping my grandchildren understand why the words of this song, when taken out of the context of the movie, are contrary to what we want for them and for others will have a greater impact than trying to shelter them. (These grandchildren are old enough to understand.)

130817-ME-Falls-040Train up your child. Give them the tools to make better decisions: teach them of Jesus and his love, live and demonstrate a life of sacrificial love. Then they can make wise, discerning decisions about what they want to think, say, and do (sing).

While I’m writing this piece, my grandson wanted me to read to him. He chose the children’s Bible. I wanted to finish my thought, my piece, but …


He selected storied from the New Testament. We talked about Jesus showing us God’s love, God’s forgiving love, and making choices.

130817-ME-Falls-222-519x270“When I have a bad attitude, then I’m not showing love, am I?” he asked.

(We are working on attitude.) I silently thanked God for this moment- a moment to share God’s love with my grandson in a way he could understand, a way that was meaningful to him.

Look for those teachable moments. The little whispers and nudges.