Today I read to a Pre-K class of four-year olds, one of my favorite picture books and it is now one of their favorites too. David LaRochelle’s book, Moo! is a must have. Not only is the book delightfully funny with Mike Wohnoutka’s engaging illustrations, but the book is an excellent and fun teaching tool.

There is one word, moo, in the book, but that one word has so much meaning! Before I read the book to the children, I pointed out the exclamation point in the title and the children then read the title using their excited voices. The question marks invited raised voices and the large bold print encouraged large bold voices. Then we read the book together. No …, I think the children did most of the reading. We stopped often (every page), noticing how the illustrations worked with the text. There were lots of moos and laughter.

It is a book that children love to read over and over again. Even very young children can read this book aloud to you. It’s a great book for the reluctant or new reader.

You can’t go wrong. Head to your library or bookstore and check out, MOO!