Owl Activities

Owl Activities:
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Stick the Beak on the Owl-
Draw an owl shape on a large piece of paper. Attach the owl picture to the wall. Give each child a triangular shaped beak cut from paper, craft foam, or felt. Add a rolled piece of tape to the back of beak. One at a time, a blindfolded child will attach the beak to the owl. Without looking, see who can attach the owl’s beak nearest to the place where it belongs.

Variations: attach an oval wing or large circle eye.

Matching Owl Game-
This is a matching lotto game. Child will have a game board and 12 playing pieces such as coins or marshmallows. To make the game board, draw 12 even spaced squares on an 8”x 11” sheet of paper and place an owl picture or sticker in each square. Place an identical owl on an index card. Select a card and hold it for the child to see. Child will cover the matching owl on the game board with a playing piece (coin, marshmallow). Play until the owls on the board are covered.




Painting with Feathers
Provide each child with a construction paper owl shape. Use a single feather or tape feathers together to make a brush. Dip the feather in a small dish of paint and paint the owl paper with the feather brush.

Owl Needs Feathers
Glue (owl) feathers onto a construction paper or paper plate shaped owl. Create a color game by using colored construction paper feathers to glue on the owl.
Variations: Color game: Place red feathers on the red owl, blue feathers on the blue owl.

  Paper Bag Owls








Counting Feathers
Owl Matching Cards- match the pairs of owl stickers