Owl Babies

Owl Babies—a Soothing Book of Reassurance

On library day with a group of three-year-olds, one little boy, with large saucer eyes, meets me at the door, grabs my hand, and walks me to their reading center. “Miss Helen, did you bring my favorite book?”

He then pulls the books from my bag. I’m not sure which book is his favorite. Some days it’s a tractor book. Other days, it’s a cow book, and sometimes monsters are his favorite. I reassure him, “Of course I brought your favorite. I brought three favorites.”

Today I brought Owl Babies by Martin Waddell, one of my most favorite books.



I often read this book early in the school year when preschoolers may be struggling with separation anxiety, but I also find it to be a soothing and reassuring book for anytime reading.

Three baby owls, Sarah, Percy, and Bill are alone one night and bravely handle mom’s absence. Each owl baby displays their own personality, and many young children relate to baby Bill who needs an extra dose of reassurance and comfort. Mother Owl’s return is a joyous, bouncy occasion and when she returns, I often hear a collective released sigh from the children.




 Owl Babies is more than a story about owls. Young children sometimes have difficulty expressing their feelings. New or different experiences can be overwhelming and even fearful. Owl Babies handles a fearful and scary situation in comforting and reassuring ways.

It you haven’t read Owl Babies to your little one, head for the library for a copy. You won’t be disappointed! It is a book I read often.