Put Down the Suitcase

1003shannon-456Our friends were going on vacation. Everyone, including the three children, pulled their own wheeled-suitcase and each lugged a stuffed backpack. The youngest child walked bent over from the weight. I offered to carry the backpacks, thinking children shouldn’t be stooped by the weight they carry.

I’m sure God sees us, His children, in the same way. We carry many burdens: a backpack of anger, a suitcase of insecurity, and a bag bulging with guilt. I ached for my traveling friends and God aches for us, stooped by the weight of life. He steps in and says, “My child, let me carry this for you. Set it down. I’ll take it now.”

I have lots of baggage dragging days.

Do You?

Sometimes it’s hard to let go. I keep pulling, pushing, and dragging. Sometimes I feel like I’m buried in luggage. The pile is deep and I can’t see over, around, or through it.

Soon after Saul was acclaimed as king, the people looked for him, but couldn’t find him. They asked God, “Where is he?”

The Lord replied, “He’s hiding among the baggage.” (1 Samuel 10:22)

God knew exactly where Saul was. He knows exactly where we are and He knows the baggage we’re stacking higher and spreading wider. He knows the stuff we’ve buried in trunks: years of hurtful words, regrets, and dying dreams. He knows the things we shoved deep in our backpacks: finances have hit bottom with no recovery in sight, the plant is closing, and your parents should no longer live on their own. And another fear is pushed into the bulging backpack.

I have a trunk-load of hurts and a bulging backpack of fears. I don’t want to cram another fear into my backpack so what do I do?

What do we do? The weight is too heavy.

Peter had the same problem. He was sinking fast. Another wave was about to bury him in an avalanche of water. The undertow was pulling him down–deeper and deeper.


He pulled his arms free from the engulfing water, stretched and cried out, “Lord, save me.”

Instantly, Jesus reached out His hand and grabbed Peter’s. He didn’t care what Peter looked like, if he had money or status, or if he used foul language. Jesus reached out His hand to Peter.

I don’t want to lug my backpack of fears anymore. I don’t want to push my too heavy suitcase of guilt across the floor. And I don’t want my trunk load of hurts buried in the attic.1003shannon-380

I’m coming out from behind the pile of luggage and like Peter, I’m reaching out my hand to God who will instantly reach out his hand and who says, “Let me take that, my child. Let me take your hand.”

Today I reached for an extended hand and I put down a suitcase.

Tomorrow I will put down another one.

How about you?