Dinosaur Day

Children love dinosaurs and it’s not just a “boy” thing. Both girls and boys are fascinated by these animals of long-ago. Children love acting like dinosaurs—roaring and stomping. They enjoy dinosaur stories, want to watch dinosaur movies and play dinosaur games. They dress as dinosaurs and decorate their bedrooms with dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs may be enormous, dangerous, and powerful, but this only adds to their appeal.  While a pacing tiger in a zoo can be frightening to a child, a roaring, hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) creates no fear. Instead, dinosaurs are loved.  Dinosaurs can’t hurt them. Children know they are safe because dinosaurs are extinct. Very young children may say, “They aren’t real.” In time and maturity, extinction can be explained.

Many children’s books portray dinosaurs as mean, disobedient, compulsive, and getting what they want. Children enjoy seeing the dinosaur getting away with the behaviors and actions that are unacceptable for them. They can inwardly cheer for the defiant dinosaur. The underdog (dinosaur) wins. To the child, he/she wins. And many parents don’t view this as teaching and reinforcing inappropriateness to children. They would rather have their children reading about the dinosaur’s misbehavior than having their children continually acting defiantly, angry and throwing tantrums. The dinosaur’s behavior opens the door for conversation.

I love Mercer Mayer books (Little Critter books) so I decided to read his dinosaur book, TOO MANY DINOSAURS. A desperate boy buys a horn to call his run-away baby triceratops and ends up calling Mama triceratops and more. The children loved the twist at the end. We then decided to create our own dinosaur horns. If you make one, be careful what you call.


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Enjoy your little dinosaur!


Dinosaur Activities and Picture Books

Here’s a list of dinosaur books to read to your child. They are all fiction books so they don’t focus on dinosaur facts. Even though they are fiction book, look for lessons on friendship, being yourself, and other themes.


The Super Hungry Dinosaur- Martin Waddell
Dino Bites- Algy Craig Hall
If You Happen To Have a Dinosaur-Linda Bailey
I Wanna Be A Great Big Dinosaur-Heath McKenzie
A Dinosaur Called Tiny- Alan Durant
Too Many Dinosaurs-Mercer Mayer
Mamasaurus-Stephan Lomp
Rory the Dinosaur Wants a Pet-Liz Climo
Dinosaurs vs. Mommy-Bob Shea
How Do Dinosaurs Clean their Room?-Jane Yolen
How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight-Jane Yolen
How Do Dinosaurs Go to Sleep-Jane Yolen
Dinosaur Rescue-Penny Dale
Dinosaur Zoom-Penny Dale
Dinosaur Dig-Penny Dale
Stomp! Little Dinosaur-Jo Lodge
Goldilocks and the 3 Dinosaurs-Mo Willems



Dinosaur Horns: (make after reading: TOO MANY DINOSAURS by Mercer Mayer)

Make a cone from card stock or construction paper. Decorate with stickers, paint, markers, glitter, or other treasures. ‘Toot” your horn, calling all dinosaurs.

Creating a cone:
1. Make a paper circle: I traced a dinner plate (lid, pan cover) for my circle. The larger your circle, the taller your cone.
2. Draw a triangle shape: To draw a wedge (pie shape), make a mark in the center of the circle. Draw out two straight lines from the center point to the outer edge of your circle making a wedge (pie shape). If the lines are closer together it will make a smaller wedge, making a cone with a wide bottom. To make a cone with a small bottom, cut out a larger triangle wedge.
3. Cut the triangle wedge out of the circle. Discard the wedge.
4. Bring the cut sides of your circle together and tape closed. For your cone shape, bring one cut end of your circle over to the other forming a cone shape. Hold it together and make sure the lower ridge of both sides overlap evenly. Your cone should be rounded. Tape in place.
Decorate your horn and then go call some dinosaurs.

Dino tracks:
Pour a small amount of tempera paint on a paper plate. Place the toy dinosaur on the paper plate, covering the feet with paint. Walk your dinosaur across a sheet of paper, leaving dino tracks.

Dinosaur Puzzle:
Have your child color a dinosaur picture. Cut the picture into 4-6 pieces. Reassemble the dinosaur puzzle.

Feed the Dinosaur:
Draw a large picture of a dinosaur head on paper. Attach the dinosaur to a basket or box. Roll a sock into a ball. Feed the dinosaur by throwing the sock ball into the basket/box. Munch and crunch, hungry dinosaur!

Dinosaur Hunt:
Make a sensory table. Fill a large plastic container (with a lid) with rice and a variety of dried beans. Bury toy dinosaurs or other small toys in the mixture.  Your child will have fun hunting for the dinosaurs. When finished playing. Cover the container and save for another day.

Dino Pokey:
Tune: “Hokey Pokey”
Put your (wings) right in (extend arms in front of you)
Put your (wings) right out (Extend arms behind you)
Put your (wings) right in and shake them all about. (Arms forward and shake them)
Do the dino pokey and turn yourself about. (Turn around in a circle)
That’s what it’s all about. (clap to the beat)
Additional Verses: snapping beak, swishing tail, stomping feet, large teeth,

All Around the Swamp
Tune: “The Wheels on the Bus”
The Pterodactyl’s wings went
Flap, flap, flap
Flap, flap, flap
Flap, flap, flap
The Pterodactyl’s wings went
All through the swamp.
Additional Verses: the tyrannosaurus Rex went grr, grr, grr, the triceratops’ feet went stomp, stomp, stomp; the Apatosaurus’ mouth went munch, munch, munch.

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