Winter Is Here. Bring on the Books

Perhaps Winter wasn’t getting enough attention and retaliated. So while much of the East coast digs out from an avalanche of snow, I’m thankful for living in a snow belt area that did not get snow (this time). And I’m very thankful for living in an area that owns snowplows and salt/ sand trucks.

WinterPictures from Silver Creek Area - Jan25,13

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So find a cozy spot to snuggle with your little ones and read a stack of winter picture books.

Teddie Bear left on park bench

These are some of my favorites winter picture books:



140122snowman covers (2)

Of course, you’ll have to take a hot cocoa break and while you dip graham crackers into your hot cocoa, let the conversations flow.

“Are all snowmen (snow people) made with three snowballs?”
“Do snowmen get cold?”
“Why do some have mittens or a scarf or a hat?”
“Do snow people get hungry?”
“What would they eat? Ice cream? Icicles?”

At story time, the children created a snowman who loves listening to stories. And he doesn’t leave puddles on the floor.
Reading time Snowman

dressing up the snowman

Decorating a snowman at Anderson Lee Library

 His favorite picture book is Snowballs by Lois Ehlert.
  We made more snow people. The best part is … no frigid freezing fingers.
So hop on over to my activity page and try the winter activities.
Stay warm!